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Welcome, I'm glad you found me and hope we get to spend a moment together. Our time on this piece of rock, hurtling through space, is short, and consequently precious. Let's seize this opportunity to live happy, fulfilling lives as we love ourselves, each other, our Mother Earth, and all who call her home. Let's not forget the sick, the hungry, and the oppressed along the way.

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Ed Tech


I founded Educell to improve education in rurual schools in Ghana.

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Student Reviews

"Cade really cares about the students. A very enthusiastic teacher who loves what he does."

"He encourages us to do our best and shows us how we can achieve that. He's super patient and he has a smile that makes angels sing. EASILY the best teacher here."

"Cade is hands down the best person to be teaching this class! I know we were supposed to have another instructor at the beginning of the semester, but boy did I luck out getting Cade!"

"He is always willing to help, he really is there to help you succeed."

"Cade Dopp is one of the best professors I have ever had."

"I appreciate that Cade is so straightforward, and because he does not mince words, I was able to understand what needed changing."

Student Ratings

I taught a technology class for pre-service teachers at Brigham Young University. Students in my section rated me at 4.9 out of 5. The average rating for instructors who taught other sections of the same course was 4.4. The image below compares my scores (green) to other instructors in the department (blue). student reviews


Mountain Family

I founded Mountain Family Therapeutic Adventures to help individuals, couples, and families to feel whole, connected, and strong. My team provides therapy, counselling, and coaching for people who have mental health needs such as depression, ADHD, and anxiety. We also assist families with relationship challenges as well as parents who need guidance with their challenging children.

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Homeward Bound

I coach families who are in crisis or recovery through Homeward Bound. With support, many families are able to thrive with their children at home who would otherwise require an out-of-home placement.


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